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Chroncast #102: Sell! Sell! Sell!

The Giants’ wet fart to open the second half has Bryan wondering if the more prudent course of action is to trade away some dudes. Doug disagrees!

Farhan Zaidi walking on the field Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Let’s ignore for the moment that the San Francisco Giants are 16.5 games and $100+ million in payroll behind the Dodgers and focus on the clearer fact that they’re just 48-47 with 67 to play. Oh sure, they could definitely go 37-30 and hope that 85-77 is enough to get into the playoffs, but does that seem probable even if it’s plausible? Bryan thinks that with Carlos Rodón’s obvious departure after the season and the team’s average performance and NO hope of getting better on defense over the final 67 games it’s the perfect time to be sellers at the trade deadline. Doug thinks ownership isn’t going to like that, even if last year’s success has in no way boosted this year’s bottom line.

They also talk about the Giants’ week of transactions, from the All-Star Game, the Futures Game and, of course, the draft, where the team opted to get a little weird with their drafting formula. There’s also some Juan Soto talk, because he’s noteworthy!

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