Trade Dedline, Are the Giants buyers or sellers?

I see very little value in the third wild card and vote sellers, Unless they can get an impact starter and a bat, or either and an improved middle reliever I vote sell. So who goes?

Rondon, if we cannot lock him into a 3-4 year contract we should trade for value now. AA or better starting pitcher in the other teams top 10 prospects and A level bat.

Brandon Belt, we cannot offer a one year qualifying offer again, If we cannot lock up 2-3 years at an equitable price for both, see what the market might fetch.

Longoria, I see no reason to pick up his option for next year, yet believe he could help a young contender. I also think David Villar is ready with Will Wilson and a couple of others who can play short or 3rd until Luciano is here.

What are others thoughts? Is the marketing value of a 3rd Wild Card enough to eat the value of these players?

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