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Chroncast #98: Bad Giants Defense and Bad Giants Trades

The Giants have a pretty significant flaw in their roster construction — can Bryan and Doug conjure up one good trade to fix it?

Brandon Crawford committing an error Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When last the McCovey Chroncast covered the Major League Giants (check out our minor league episode with Roger Munter from last week), the San Francisco Giants had just swept the Los Angeles Dodgers. Did they carry that moment into the past two weeks of games? They did not! The defense has been unflinchingly terrible for a pitching staff designed around having an at least average defense, and Doug suggests exactly what the problem is.

With the Giants leaking oil five and a half weeks before the trade deadline, Bryan and Doug try their hand at finding one player who might make the team a little bit better this year, because oh baby, do they have some things to work out on the defensive side of their game.

We also revisit trades of Giants Past and figure out which of six famous trades was actually most regrettable, with Doug pointing out a key factual error in Bryan’s reasoning to call into question the reasonableness of one of the Giants’ most famous trades ever. Do you agree? You’ll just have to listen.

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