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Chroncast #96: Sweep LA

In a year that has been so probable, the plausible has happened, and Bryan and Doug go through a great weekend. We also answer your Twitter questions.

Jake McGee hugging Austin Wynns John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Doug returns from vacation just in time to witness the San Francisco Giants pitch their first shutout of the season: a game that secured a weekend sweep of the loathsome Los Angeles Dodgers. What was the best part of it besides everything? Bryan and Doug break it down.

They also touch on everything that’s gone wrong with the defense and why that might not last. And there are some brief recollections of Matt Cain’s perfect game on this, the weekend of its 10th anniversary. They also, perhaps most importantly, answer your Twitter questions. Who is their favorite Pokemon? What would it take for the Giants to actually do a Juan Soto trade? You’ll just have to listen to hear Bryan and Doug’s answers, which are definitely well thought out.

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