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Chroncast #94 – Bullpen Trust Power Rankings #2 & Joc Week

Bryan and Doug sort out who to trust in the bullpen after a terrible month. Also, they delve into the Giants’ main character of last week: Joc Pederson.

Joc Pederson looking at his bat Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Joc Pederson made a lot of loud contact this week thanks to Barry Bonds’ hitting advice and Tommy Pham’s gambling hand, which made for a lot of entertainment off the field when the San Francisco Giants weren’t being very good on it. Bryan and Doug determine the key lessons to learn from both incidents.

They also talk a bit about Gabe Kapler’s protest of the national anthem in response to the Uvalde, TX school shooting and the hollowness of the criticisms directed towards his stance.

But what of the Giants’ bullpen, which had a stellar April only to back it up with a putrid May. Will John Brebbia retain Bryan’s #1 spot? Will Jose Alvarez remain Doug’s #1? Tune in to find out.

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