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Monday BP: Giants video roundup

Catching you up on the latest Giants videos.

Joc Pederson and Mike Yastrzemski celebrating together John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Memorial Day, San Francisco Giants fans. I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend so far.

The Giants video content team has been cranking out quality videos all year, so I wanted to call attention to a few of their recent ones.

First up is a discussion between Amy G and first base coach Antoan Richardson. Richardson seems like an incredible person, and is very well respected in the organization, so it’s fun to learn a little bit more about him, including more on his move to the United States from the Bahamas when he was 14.

And then it’s Amy G talking a walk around the ball park while having a chat with starting pitcher Alex Wood, who just seems like a very enjoyable human.

And finally, because three-homer games never get tiring, it’s a chance to relive Joc Pederson’s absurd two-game stretch last week.

Fun stuff.

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants start a series with the Philadelphia Phillies this afternoon at 1:05 p.m. PT.