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Bats pick up right where they left off

Pederson, Yastrzemski and Longoria x2 power win over New York Mets

Evan Longoria celebraes with Mike Yastrzemski after hitting home run in the first inning. Photo by Michael Urakami/Getty Images

Joc Pederson is still wearing yesterday’s underwear. He definitely didn’t change his socks and he probably didn’t go home last night. After yesterday’s 3 homer, 8 RBI reawakening and the offense’s 13 run game culminating in a walk-off, the whole lineup showed up to today’s afternoon match like they never left the park.

The San Francisco Giants put 9 runs on the board and chased the New York Mets starter Thomas Szapucki in the first 1.1 innings of the game. It was all they’d need by plenty in the 9-3 rubber match.

Getting the start against a left handed pitcher, lefty swingers Pederson and Mike Yastrzemski homered.

Pederson’s 2-run homer came in the 1st, the effects of yesterday’s pregame chat with Barry Bonds still lingering.

We’ve seen Pederson get hot. Yaz’s batting line has been on a steep climb in recent weeks—but it was Evan Longoria who offered up the biggest clout.

After a single by Wilmer Flores and a walk by Yaz in the first, Longoria started off the scoring with a 3-run homer that took on centerfield.

He turned on an inside fastball in the second, depositing it in the tunnel in left to back up Yaz’s two run shot to center.

And that was it—about as straightforward as you can get with a baseball game. A real set-em-up knock-em-down onslaught that pretty much cruised after the onslaught.

If the game could be summed in an image, it’d be this:

New York scattered 3 quiet runs in 3 different innings as starter Jakob Junis put his head down and threw the ball with little stress for 6 innings.

It was his deepest outing of the season and pretty darn similar to the others: allowing 2 earned runs on 3 hits, 1 walk and 4 strikeouts.

The Giants are packing up for a Friday game in Cincinnati. Wouldn’t be surprised if Bonds was making the trip too.