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Monday BP: Weekend Round-up

It was...not the best weekend in Giants baseball. But there’s no reason to panic.

Jason Krizan, mid-swing, as he gets his first major league hit, breaking up the no-hit bid of Josiah Gray. Photo by Michael Urakami/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

Listen, you know it’s gonna be a tough one when the Weekend BP is titled “The Giants have a whole lot of COVID” and the Friday game is literally unwatchable unless you pay for an additional streaming service.

I would not blame you at all if you had missed this weekend of San Francisco Giants baseball. It was a good weekend to miss. I hope you got outside and enjoyed the weather. Spent some time with family. Took up a new hobby. All of those things would have been better than watching or following two thirds of this weekend’s baseball.

The short version, the Giants allowed 28 runs on 45 hits this weekend. That’s not usually a recipe for success. They won Saturday’s game by sheer force of will and defense, but yeah, the rest of it? Not great. Two blowouts in the wrong direction, leading to their second series loss of the season.

Is the timing good? Absolutely not! They face the Los Angeles Dodgers this week for the first time this season and half of the roster has the plague.

But is it time to panic? Absolutely not! Half of the roster either has the plague or is really close to coming back from other injuries. Going into the weekend, it was the general consensus that the Giants just needed to tread water until they start to get guys back from the IL and...well, they’re doing their best.

Covid protocols require five days of isolation, at which point if they test negative two days in a row, they can be cleared to play. It’s been three days, and today is an off day, so I would assume we’ll start to see some of those guys back this week, deity of your choice willing.

We’re also quite close to a return of Evan Longoria, LaMonte Wade, Jr., Tommy La Stella, and possibly Joc Pederson who was ready to take an at-bat in Sunday’s game. So add those to the guys currently out with Covid, and this roster is going to look a lot better in the next week or two. Just be patient.

All of that said, this weekend wasn’t all doom and gloom. Let’s leave you with some good things:

This Giants fan named Mary wanted to meet Brandon Crawford for her 101st birthday and the Crawfords delivered!

Jason Krizan made his major league debut after 1,100+ games in the minors. And on Sunday, possibly thanks to the good vibes of Joc Pederson’s bat, got his first hit! And what a first one to get, breaking up a no-hit bid by Josiah Gray in the fifth inning of Sunday’s game.

Jason Vosler hit two home runs, the second of which was the 92nd Splash Hit in the park’s history, and the first of this season!

Happy Monday! Go get yourself another coffee and let today’s off-day be a mental palate cleanser from this weekend.