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Wednesday BP: Let’s take another look at Brandon Crawford’s triple

Brandon Crawford hit a triple and got a run on an error in last night’s game and it might be my favorite hit of the season so far.

Brandon Crawford heads home after hitting a triple in Tuesday night’s game. Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, baseball fans!

As I write this, the Colorado Rockies just hit a three-run home run in last night’s game against the San Francisco Giants, turning into a real Coors Field classic. I’m likely not going to know much more than that before I have to get this scheduled, but whatever the result, it isn’t going to change what I wanted to talk about today. I want to talk about this:

I was leaving work just as last night’s game started, and had just gotten to the part of my commute where the various powerlines along the road finally stopped turning the voices of Joe Ritzo and Shawn Estes into tin-can static monsters just in time for Brandon Crawford’s lead-off at bat in the second inning. I was approaching a red light as he hit the ball up the right field line, the broadcasters excellently calling the defensive attempts, so I had a pretty good feeling about him reaching second.

And then the call: “And he’s not slowing down!” My jaw dropped. I took both hands off the wheel to cover my mouth in horror as the cars in front of me were just starting to advance through the newly green light. I knew he was going to be out at third. He was obviously not out at third, but it took a few seconds to realize why. Because the call initially focused on Crawford’s dive to the bag, not so much the offline throw that took a trip into the dugout.

And I was left stunned. And cackling. And wondering if that should count as an inside-the-park home run (it sadly does not). Also whether Crawford was going to be okay (he was).

And whether he was going to need to hit the oxygen (he did).

We stan our 35 year old speedster.

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants and Rockies finish off the series today at 12:10 pm PT.