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Chroncast #92 - Dubi’s gone away

The Giants made 16 transactions this week and one of them hurt a little. Also, who will the Giants select as their sponsorship patch for next season?

Mauricio Dubón holding a bat during batting practice Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This week’s episode was recorded before the end of the San Francisco Giants drubbing by the St. Louis Cardinals, so there’s no talk of pitcher Luis González or pitcher Albert Pujols. BUT! Bryan and Doug do talk about Mauricio Dubón’s Giants tenure and the other trades the team made over the past week and what might be the motivations behind some of them. That’s almost as entertaining a segment as that 9th inning...

They also talk about the team hiring WME to find a new sponsor for the team patch they’ll wear beginning in 2023. Doug proposes some possible options if the team is thinking about sticking with local organizations. Later, Bryan and Doug answer some listener questions, which are very sci-fi TV focused!

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