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Thursday BP: Off-day round-up

Logan Webb threw some shade on Twitter and Gabe Kapler is dividing the sport once more

A photo of Gabe Kapler, sporting a full beard. Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

The San Francisco Giants are on a roll and that’s honestly a lot more fun than when they’re losing a bunch of games. So, since today is a day off, let’s talk about a few things that normally wouldn’t warrant a post of their own, but are good for a catch-all round-up post.

First, for anyone who enjoys professional athletes engaging in a slight bit of pettiness online, Logan Webb retweeted this last night:

This is, of course, referring to the Giants’ 7-1 victory over the Washington Nationals on April 22nd. Martinez, manager for the Nationals, had some man yells at clouds vibes after that game, saying essentially that it is disrespectful and uncalled for for teams to score runs in the ninth if they have a lead. Wonder what he thinks about teams that are tied going into the ninth? Are they allowed to score eight runs? Who can keep up with the unwritten rules these days.

Anyway, our final silliness, the Giants seem intent on dividing this nation, both on the field by violating the unwritten rules, and off the field by asking the tough questions. No, not “what is the meaning of life?” more like “is a hot dog a sandwich?”

Giants manager Gabe Kapler did just that yesterday when discussing Mustache May, saying that he felt that players with full beards were also participating in Mustache May, indicating that he believed a full beard with a little extra mustache counts.

I am in no way a facial hair expert, but this was, apparently, a controversial take. I’ll let those with a little more hair in the game argue in the comments.

No game today, the Giants kick off a six game road trip in St. Louis tomorrow to face off against the Cardinals once more, before heading to Hell, I mean Coors Field on Monday.