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Wednesday BP: Going for the sweep

The Giants are winning baseball games again, and it’s great. Dare we aim for a sweep?

Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

The San Francisco Giants are winning baseball games again and we love to see it, after a pretty brutal week of losses. It was a rough stretch, but somewhat expected once a good chunk of the team ended up on the COVID injured list. Burt the last few days have really turned things around and shown that while we probably can’t expect another 107 win season, we can expect a fairly competent baseball team.

They’re up 2-0 against the Colorado Rockies in this three-game series, and will get the chance to go for their third sweep of the season in today’s game, before getting an off-day tomorrow.

The only concern I have right now is Jake McGee. McGee had allowed two runs over seven games in April, but since the beginning of May, has made four appearances and has allowed nine earned runs.

Ultimately, it’s been fine and not necessarily a reason to panic, he’s not exactly getting save situations. Two of these were in games the Giants were already losing in blowouts, the other two were in games they were winning in blowouts. But it’s still cause for slight worry.

The solution, obviously, is for Bryan and Doug to pick him as their bottom of the list in the next Bullpen Trust Power Rankings and that should fix everything.

Anyway, get your brooms on standby and get ready for some daytime baseball today as the final game of the series starts at 12:45 pm PT.