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Thursday BP: Opening Day Envy

Giants fans might have to wait another day to watch our favorite team, but there is baseball to be watched! Let’s take a look at today’s games while we wait.

San Franicsco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgers Set Number: X163337 TK1

Good morning baseball fans!

It’s a bittersweet morning for fans of the San Francisco Giants (and, let’s be clear, several other teams) as Opening Day is here for about half of the league today. It kind of makes you feel like you’re sitting out in the cold, watching everyone else have fun. And that’s valid. But Giants baseball will be here in a little over 24 hours.

In the meantime, there will be actual baseball games played today! That’s exciting!

Let’s take a look at who’s playing today so you can get your baseball fix. Firstly, the Red Sox @ Yankees and Mariners @ Twins games have been postponed, due to inclement weather. They will be made up on Friday. For everything else, we’ve got a handy list, as well as who’ll be starting (for the most part):

Brewers @ Cubs 11:20am PT Burnes vs. Hendricks

Mets @ Nationals 1:05pm PT TBD vs. Corbin

Guardians @ Royals 1:10pm PT Bieber vs. Greinke

Pirates @ Cardinals 1:15pm PT Brubaker vs. Wainwright

Reds @ Braves 5:08pm PT Mahle vs. Fried

Astros @ Angels 6:38pm PT Vladez vs. Ohtani

Padres @ D-backs 6:40pm PT Darvish vs. Bumgarner

The last two might be of most interest to Giants fans (Bumgarner) and fans of baseball in general (Ohtani) so those would be my recommendations. Or you could go wild and watch them all! Either way, hopefully this is enough to tide you over until tomorrow!

How many days until Opening Day?