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Thursday BP: Dave Kaval needs to find a hobby

Oakland A’s President Dave Kaval prowled the stands of Oracle Park Tuesday night trying to prove that the Giants’ attendance “woes” were worse than those of his own team. He might want to show his work on that math.

Photo of Dave Kaval wearing an Oakland Athletics face mask. Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

I know that the series between the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics is over (for now) but since I was off for yesterday’s BP, I didn’t get to add on to the public dragging of A’s President, Dave Kaval.

Now, if you aren’t on social media, first of all: bless your heart. You live a good life and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Second of all, you may not have seen Kaval’s Sean Spicer-esque tweets about “low attendance” during Tuesday night’s game at Oracle Park.

Which seems like an odd hill to die on, considering the Giants are averaging roughly 32,000 fans per game. While it’s not exactly the sellout numbers of yore, it’s still a respectable attendance number, and quite a bit higher than 7,000, which has been the A’s average this year.

It seems that focused attention on the lack of attendance at A’s games has gotten under his skin after there was a lot of conversation about a game the other day that had maybe 3,000 people in attendance.

The apparently thin-skinned Kaval decided to start prowling the ballpark, taking pictures of sections with fewer fans in them, and posting them on Twitter with commentary that amounts to “Why isn’t the media talking about THAT, hmmmm?” and tagging local reporters, before getting into a Twitter fight with an account that is purporting to be a bird, calling them “literally a bird.”

My dude, I don’t think that word means what you think it means. Also, essentially trying to use the fact that you are a human being as a reason why you win an internet argument with a fictional bird account is not the flex you think it is.

Anyway, one thing is abundantly clear: Dave Kaval needs to find a hobby because clearly being the President of a baseball team is not enough to meaningfully fill his time.

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What time do the Giants play today?

They do not. After a long but ultimately quite successful stretch of travel, they finally get a day off. They’ll greet the Washington Nationals on Friday to kick-off another three-game series against them. Let’s hope it goes as well as the last one.