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Friday BP: Moving on

A little perspective and a mental re-set before we head into the weekend and a new series. Deep breaths, people.

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MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Washington Nationals Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, baseball fans!

This week of San Francisco Giants baseball has mostly kind of sucked. With the exception of Wednesday’s game, the Giants really didn’t give us a lot to get excited about, and there was a lot to be bummed about. But it seems like many people are a lot angrier about this, and blowing things out of proportion in a way that doesn’t seem logical, given that we’re literally two weeks into the season today.

And that kind of anger and frustration just isn’t good for the heart.

So, as we head into the weekend and a new series, it feels like a good time to do a mental re-set on this season.

Sure, there are things to be concerned about. Steven Duggar is going to be out a while. Alex Cobb is hurt too. Anthony DeSclafani is struggling. The offense was kind of feckless this week. Logan Webb lost his streak of regular season games in which the Giants hadn’t lost.

But there are good things too. Carlos Rodón has been absolutely phenomenal. Brandon Belt is still doing captain things. Joc Pederson is doing good things. Mike Yastrzemski hit a home run and is, hopefully, heating up. LaMonte Wade Jr. is expected to begin a rehab assignment as soon as this weekend or early next week.

So as we go into a new series and the weekend, let’s think about those things too, and not just the bad things. If only for our own blood pressure.

Also, remember that no matter how bad of a week it was for the Giants, the organization they’re about to be facing this weekend inadvertently caused the United States Capitol to be evacuated earlier this week because somewhere along the chain of communication, the proper authorities were not alerted about the fact that they’d be doing a parachute stunt into the ballpark.

Like, sure, maybe our franchise lost three out of four games to the New York Mets this week. But things could be worse, you know?

My intention here is not to make light of a concerning lack of communication with regards to national security or the very real fear that the people who were evacuated experienced.

My point is that perspective is important.

Have a great weekend!

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants kick off a series against the Washington Nationals this afternoon at 4:10 pm PT.