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Tuesday BP: Is Heliot Ramos up for good or just for now?

Despite his exciting debut, it’s not clear what the near-term future holds for the newest Giant. And it’s not entirely up to him, either.

MLB: Miami Marlins at San Francisco Giants D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, baseball fans!

As exciting as Heliot Ramos’ debut with the San Francisco Giants was on Sunday, it’s tough to know what the near-term future holds for him. He got the call due to unfortunate circumstances that wouldn’t ordinarily have allowed an active roster spot to be available for him this early in the season (John Brebbia - bereavement leave). And he might be able to stay a bit longer due to similar, though much less unfortunate, circumstances (paternity leave for Tyler Rogers is imminent). But after that, what’s in the cards for him?

He obviously delivered on some pretty high expectations on Sunday, but was absent from the lineup on Monday against right-handed pitcher Nick Martinez of the San Diego Padres. The Giants are likely to face former Oakland Athletic and current left-handed Padre Sean Manaea on Wednesday, so it’s almost a guarantee that Ramos will get a start in that lineup.

But once Brebbia and Rogers return, it will be a difficult decision on whether Ramos returns to Triple-A Sacramento or stays with the club. And there’s no real way to know what’s going to happen between now and then.

Some of that will depend on how well Ramos continues to perform, of course, but some of it will just come down to roster math. Which might not work in his favor in the short term. That said, if Ramos keeps performing the way he has been in both Sacramento and in his Sunday debut, it’s going to be difficult to justify not making that roster math work for much longer.

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants face the Padres again tonight in game two of this three-game series. Game time is 6:45 pm at Oracle Park.