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Thursday BP: Hunter Pence and Jake Peavy to join MLB Network

The two former/forever Giants will join as on-air analysts for the 2022 season.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, baseball fans!

Some good news for you today, if you’ve been missing your regular doses of Hunter Pence or Jake Peavy since retirements, you’re in luck! The two will be joining MLB Network as full-time, in-studio analysts for the 2022 season.

Pence and Peavy were both mid-season trades in years where the San Francisco Giants won the World Series (2012 and 2014 respectively), becoming teammates in 2014 with Peavy’s arrival from Boston.

Peavy’s final game in the league was in 2016, though he didn’t announce his retirement until 2019. Pence’s final game was in 2020, during his brief reunion with the team before being released and ultimately choosing to retire shortly thereafter.

Since then, Pence has mostly stayed within the Giants orbit, making appearances at games, during broadcasts and even co-hosting a podcast with some yahoo who used to run a sports blog. Can’t remember his name.

Anyway, I’m not really sure if the two will be working together or if they are just joining the expanding roster of former players that MLB Network has been amassing. But if they do end up working together. their contrasting personalities would seem to make for an excellent broadcasting duo. I’m excited to see what they bring to the table and where they go from here.

How many days until Opening Day?

8! A fitting number for today’s topic.

Happy Thursday everyone!