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Weekend BP: Could the Giants make another move?

The amount of big names remaining on the market is very small, but could the Giants still add another player?

Tampa Bay Rays v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants are probably done making moves. President of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi said as much quite recently, though we should all know better than to trust a sports executive when they tell you what moves a team will or will not make.

Still, the Giants are probably done making moves. They have quality MLB talent at every position, and quality MLB depth at every position, too — things that were emphatically not the case just two years ago.

But we know that Zaidi and Scott Harris are always looking to make moves. Making moves is the fuel that keeps them alive, after all. They have to do it or they wither.

So do we think that will happen?

There are currently seven unsigned free agents that Fangraphs predicts to be worth 0.5 WAR or better this season. Here they are, in order of descending value:

OF Michael Conforto (2.2 WAR)
LHP Brett Anderson (0.8 WAR)
RHP Chris Archer (0.7 WAR)
RHP Johnny Cueto (0.7 WAR)
LHP J.A. Happ (0.7 WAR)
INF Jed Lowrie (0.6 WAR)
OF Brett Gardner (0.6 WAR)

Seen through that lens, there’s only one big name left on the market. And seeing as how the Giants recently signed Joc Pederson, giving them four left-handed hitting outfielders, it seems highly unlikely that team is going to shell out the money and draft pick compensation for Conforto.

But what about the other players? Archer and Happ seem like the kind of reclamation projects the Giants have become known for, but given the limited open spots on the roster, I’d have to think the Giants would only make a move for such a player if it were a Minor League deal.

Speaking of which, the Giants could swing Minor League deals for other veteran MLB players who have fallen out of favor lately and don’t project as handsomely. There are some very intriguing names still out there (Cole Hamels, anyone? Matt Harvey? Asdrúbal Cabrera? Albert Pujols [just kidding, please don’t do that]), and a whole bunch of former Giants: Cueto, Scott Kazmir, Trevor Cahill, Joe Panik, Tony Watson, and Yusmeiro Petit.

So what do you think? Are any more moves on the way?

How many days until Opening Day?

If you’re reading this on Saturday, 13 days. If you’re reading this on Sunday, 12 days.

Cool beans.