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Wednesday BP: Breaking T has a new Joc Pederson shirt

If you’re excited about watching Joc Pederson send baseballs into McCovey Cove, then Breaking T has just the shirt for you!

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Good morning, baseball fans!

It seems like most of the offseason moves have been made, and the biggest splash the San Francisco Giants made is arguably bringing home local boy (and former rival) Joc Pederson to the Bay. (You see the joke is that I used the word “splash” and we hope that there will be a lot of splash hi...well, you get it)

Pederson is notably a big personality, bringing a flair of his own to the last two World Series winning teams. (Though we don’t speak of one of them.) With any luck, he can help make it a third with the team he grew up rooting for.

If you’re as excited as we are, our friends over at Breaking T have come up with a new shirt design to mark the occasion, with this one of a kind Joc of the Bay shirt available now on their website!

As if you needed another reason to like the guy, there’s this from last night:

How many days until Opening Day?

16 days, that’s just over two weeks!