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Weds/Thurs BP: Giants farm 9th in Keith Law’s rankings

Prospect analyst Keith Law named the San Francisco Giants as a top-10 farm.

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Peoria Javelinas v Scottsdale Scorpions
Giants SS prospect Marco Luciano
Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants farm is currently more exciting than at any point in the last decade, and it’s not particularly close. They’ve got depth. They’ve got variety. They’ve got high-floor options. They’ve got potential superstars. They’ve got intriguing and unique youngsters.

And most importantly, they’ve got good players with bright futures.

All that makes for what is widely considered a top 10 farm system in baseball. And The Athletic’s Keith Law agrees, as he recently released his ranking of the MLB farm systems, and had the Giants at No. 9.

Here’s what Law had to say about the Giants, who were also No. 9 a year ago:

The Giants have done an unbelievable job flipping this system on its head, moving away from lower-ceiling guys to better risk-reward calculations in both the draft and on the international side, led by their 2018 group that included Marco Luciano, Luis Matos and Jairo Pomares. The system improved enough that they could trade two top-20 prospects for Kris Bryant and not really miss a beat. We haven’t seen the changes they’ve executed at the major-league level trickle down to the minors yet, as they have a number of prospects who might benefit from swing alterations or the like to unlock more power or improve command.

If you need something to make you feel excited about baseball while the Majors are stuck in a lockout, let it be this: the Minor League season is right around the corner!

How many days has it been since the owners locked out the players?

It’s been 71 days which, if you ask me, is too many.