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Five Giants make the Fangraphs top 100

It’s Marco Luciano again at the top of the list, but Patrick Bailey is making a run.

Salt River Rafters v Scottsdale Scorpions
Giants catcher prospect Patrick Bailey
Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

We’ve known for a little while how Fangraphs views the San Francisco Giants prospects relative to each other, as they recently released their list of the top 39 prospects in the organization.

But now we know how those prospects stack up relative to the rest of the league, too. On Wednesday, Fangraphs released their list of the top 100 prospects in baseball, and five Giants are featured.

Shortstop Marco Luciano is, rather obviously, the top Giant on the list, coming in at No. 18 in baseball. That puts him third among the 17 55-grade players, and makes him the third-highest rated prospect in the National League West, behind Arizona Diamondbacks center fielder Corbin Carroll (No. 14) and San Diego Padres second baseman CJ Abrams (No. 15).

But perhaps the most exciting part of the list is what comes next: center fielder Luis Matos is all the way up to No. 35, with left-handed pitcher Kyle Harrison right behind him at No. 38.

A trio of top-40 prospects is pretty danged exciting.

Catcher Patrick Bailey checks in at No. 76, a reminder that the industry is still quite high on the 2020 first-round pick, despite his rather disappointing debut season in 2021. Oddly enough, Bailey was placed ahead of Harrison in the ranking of Giants prospects, but comes in 38 spots lower (though with the same 50 grade) in the top 100 ranking.

Rounding out the Giants in the top 100 is right fielder Heliot Ramos, who snuck in at No. 99.

However, while Fangraphs still brands their list as being a top 100, that’s not actually what it is anymore. They now simply rank all of the players who have a 50 grade or higher, which this year put the list at 114. That expansion allowed for a sixth Giant to make the list: catcher Joey Bart, who checks in at No. 113.

Things will likely look dramatically different this time next year, because that’s simply how these things work.

Until then, get excited about Luciano and Matos and Harrison ... and Bailey ... and Ramos ... and Bart ... and heck, a few dozen other names while we’re at it. Tis the season!