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2022 Willie McCovey Memorial Community Prospect List No. 26, take two

Let’s try this again.....

San Francisco Giants Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

If you’ve been paying close attention to the 2022 Willie McCovey Memorial Community Prospect List, then you’ve probably noticed an issue that has run through McCovey Chronicles as we seek to rank the top 44 prospects in the San Francisco Giants organization: troll votes.

Lately we’ve been getting a large number of votes — often hundreds — that pop up overnight for one candidate. I’ve let it slide in the past, partially because I didn’t want the hassle of dealing with it, and partially because it never felt like it led to an egregious vote.

But during Friday’s CPL, the troll vote ran wild with a nominee that had been getting essentially no love from the community, so it felt like too much of a misrepresentation to continue with.

So we must adjust. For today’s CPL, we’re going to vote the way we choose new nominees: with recommendations in the comments.

Please read this part carefully: I’ll leave a comment in the comment section for each player we’re voting on. Rec the name you would vote for if it were a poll. Please only vote for one player. Please do not leave a comment in response to that player’s name.

Complicating matters is that we’re also doing nomination day today, so respond to my other comment in the comment section to nominate your favorite prospects for the next round.

The list so far

  1. Marco Luciano
  2. Joey Bart
  3. Luis Matos
  4. Heliot Ramos
  5. Kyle Harrison
  6. Camilo Doval
  7. Jairo Pomares
  8. Will Bednar
  9. Patrick Bailey
  10. Hunter Bishop
  11. Ryan Reckley
  12. Aeverson Arteaga
  13. Ryan Murphy
  14. Matt Mikulski
  15. Diego Rincones
  16. R.J. Dabovich
  17. Nick Swiney
  18. Will Wilson
  19. David Villar
  20. Ricardo Genovés
  21. Sammy Long
  22. Randy Rodriguez
  23. Manuel Mercedes
  24. Casey Schmitt
  25. Ismael Munguia

Note: Clicking on the above names will link to the CPL where they were voted onto the list.

On to No. 26! Again!

No. 26 prospect nominees

Kervin Castro —22.11 years, 2.12 FIP in MLB (13.1 innings), 3.73 FIP in AAA (44 innings)
Seth Corry — 23.3 years, 5.25 FIP in High-A (67.2 innings)
Sean Hjelle — 24.8 years, 5.77 FIP in AAA (53.1 innings), 4.00 FIP in AA (65.2 innings)
Gregory Santos — 22.5 years, 22.67 FIP in MLB (2 innings), 5.15 FIP in AAA (15.2 innings)
Adrian Sugastey — 19.3 years, 126 wRC+ in the ACL (163 PAs)

Note: Each player’s first name links to their Baseball-Reference page, and their last name links to their Fangraphs page.