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Seeking your feedback for the McCovey Chronicles podcast

With the 7th season just around the corner, we’d like to hear your thoughts on how we might improve the McCovey Chroncast.

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Photo by Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Welcome to a post about the McCovey Chroncast, the San Francisco Giants podcast for SB Nation. I’m Bryan Murphy, who has hosted the Chroncast since 2015, but with a little bit of a break there in 2020 and 2021 for reasons.

As Doug and I gear up for the next season of the show, I thought I’d take a moment to gather some feedback from our community here and see if we could find ways to improve the show. For those of you who’ve never sampled it, episodes are usually linked at the bottom of every post in the embedded Megaphone player.

We’re a weekly recap show that occasionally brings in a special guest to discuss an aspect of the Giants as warranted. I’m opening the floor from all feedback, but if some others would prefer a starting point for collecting their thoughts, here’s a list of things I’d be interested in hearing about — in addition to whatever else might be on your mind:

Episode length

I like letting them rip for an hour, but do people prefer something shorter?

Episode frequency

Some podcasts on SB Nation release multiple episodes during the regular season. Is it enough to hear me and Doug once a week?

Different shows in the feed

Should there be other shows on the channel? One that focuses on the minor leagues? Single topic shows? A narrative comedy show? A docupod?

Episode format

This year, we shifted to a broad format. Rather than go through each game in our weekly recap, we simply cited those things that stood out to us, positive or negative, about the week that was. And then from the games and the week’s worth of headlines — or any breaking news — we’d generate the rest of our rundown. Is there some other way you’d rather the show be? Is there a consistent topic or aspect of the team you’d like to hear us discuss or even mention? I would usually, but not always, mention the Giants’ record for the week that was and their overall record at that point of the season.

Guest wish list

This is actually a two-part question: would you like it if we had more guests on the show? If so, who?

How to listen

This last bit isn’t a question, just a handy guide on how to listen to us.

We’re on all major podcast platforms for both iOS and Android. Just search McCovey Chronicles wherever you listen. Be sure to add or follow us, and if you’re so inclined, rate us five stars or thumbs up. We’d really appreciate it!

Thank you for listening and thank you again for your feedback!