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Friday BP: New Years Resolutions for the Giants

Let’s tell the Giants what to do, or do better in 2023

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

It’s my last post of the year, so I thought it would be a good time to take a look at some serious (and not so serious) New Year’s resolutions for the San Francisco Giants to work on in the new year. We’ll make this short and sweet, so you can add your own in the comments!

1.) Defense

I don’t feel like I even need to elaborate on this one. Some defense. Any defense. I’ll take anything after witnessing some of the buffoonery last season. Out there looking like a bunch of clowns pouring out of a car every time the ball left the infield.

2.) Base-running

On a similar note, I would love to never, ever see some of the horrendous base-running mistakes we witnessed in the 2022 seasons again. I would rather eat my own shoe. I would rather walk through hot coals without said shoes. I would rather sit in a pit of vipers. I would rath....I’m being told I need to move on.

3.) Fewer former Dodgers

No offense to those already in the organization, but I personally would appreciate it if we stopped bringing on people who used to play for the Dodgers. Instead, they should start going after free agents and potential trade opportunities to get people that would have otherwise been future Dodgers. Now that’s thinking with your head.

4.) More Buster Posey

He’s part of the ownership group now. I, personally, would rather see him represent the organization than, say, Larry Baer. I know he moved back to Georgia. But if certain members of the ownership group committed the kind of money they throw at right-wing politics at, say, inventing teleportation, they could both make it easier for Posey to make more appearances AND easier for fans to attend games. That’s a win-win in my book.

5.) Health and Prosperity

Yes, it’s cheesy and cliche. But a successful and healthy team makes for a happy fanbase, which makes for fewer randos yelling at me on Twitter. Everybody wins!

What do you think the Giants should have as their New Year’s resolutions for 2023?