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The Mets are also concerned about Carlos Correa’s health

Validation for the Giants.

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Carlos Correa in the batter’s box Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

As I sat at my computer Friday evening, happily wasting time next to the Christmas tree, I kept checking Twitter. Carlos Correa’s physical with the New York Mets was on Friday, and while I fully expected it to pass without a hitch, it still caught my eye that the outrageously boastful Mets had yet to say anything.

And now, in yet another twist in the twistiest of MLB free agency stories, we know why. The Mets, like the San Francisco Giants, have concerns after taking a closer look at Correa’s medicals.

According to Ken Rosenthal and Dan Hayes of The Athletic, the Mets have “raised concerns” that are “potentially jeopardizing” the deal that came together less than 24 hours after the Giants did the same.

It would seem that Correa’s surgically-repaired ankle, which he injured during his Minor League days is, indeed, causing more concern than Scott Boras initially made it out to be.

Regardless of what happens, this is validation for the Giants. They received heavy criticism for being so risk averse, with many saying they got cold feet. The free-wheeling Mets — as well as the team Correa played for last year, the Minnesota Twins — also having concerns means that the Giants are not the laughably cautious team they were being made out to be.

Furthermore, the Giants did not handle the Correa fiasco particularly well, taking the childish “I don’t wanna talk about it” approach. But they can take solace knowing they handled it significantly better than the Mets, whose owner, Steve Cohen, publicly boasted about the deal before the physical ... a no-no that has since splattered his face with egg.

When the Giants first postponed their press conference with Correa, I wrote that the likeliest scenario was that he still signed with the Giants. And now, with the pause button being hit in the Big Apple, I’ll say that the likeliest scenario is that he still signs with the Mets.

But it does open the door for the Giants. They were reportedly wanting to continue negotiations with Correa and Boras, but didn’t do so in a timely enough manner. If Correa hits the open market again, the Giants have to be considered among the favorites, though it’s hard to imagine being less risk-averse than the Mets, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

And if you’re worried about the Giants having already spent the Correa money — they rebounded on Friday with deals for Michael Conforto and Taylor Rogers — don’t be. The Athletic’s Andrew Baggarly wrote on Friday that the Giants planned on making those moves even when Correa was in the fold.

I don’t take joy in someone losing millions of dollars before their eyes due to their health, but even so, there’s no denying that this latest turn is pretty hilarious.