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Weekend BP: Brandon Crawford reacts to the madness

The greatest former shortstop in Giants history is once again the shortstop.

Brandon Crawford underhand flipping a ball to second base Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Hello and happy weekend, San Francisco Giants fans. And happy holidays to all who are celebrating them. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful time.

Someone who is probably enjoying their holiday celebrations is Brandon Crawford, because Crawford got some good news through all this madness with the Giants: he’s still the team’s shortstop. Barring something truly bonkers — such as Carlos Correa failing his physical with the New York Mets and agreeing to a new deal with the Giants — Crawford will be the Opening Day shortstop for the 12th consecutive season when the Giants begin the season on March 30 against Aaron Judge, Carlos Rodón, and the New York Yankees.

Just to put that in perspective, here are the different number of starters the Giants have had at each position in the first 11 years of Crawford’s streak:

Pitcher: 7
Catcher: 3
First base: 2
Second base: 7
Third base: 6
Right field: 7
Center field: 6
Left field: 11

Crawford was left to play a new position for the first time since his amateur days when the Giants agreed to a deal Carlos Correa. He wasn’t briefed on this before or during the process, and was only informed by the Giants after they agreed to terms with Correa. He said all the right things, while also making it clear that it wasn’t his preference.

And in the aftermath of Correa’s ... /gestures wildly at everything ... Crawford is returning home, and he sounds happy.

Crawford told the San Francisco Chronicle’s John Shea that he was “definitely” caught off guard, but that “Personally, yes, I’m happy I will remain at shortstop partly because that’s the only position I’ve played at the big-league level, but also because I still feel like I can do it very well.”

He also admitted that losing Correa hurts, saying “We would’ve been a better team with a player of his caliber no matter what my role would’ve been,” before pointing out that, “We’re a better team today than we were a month ago.”

Losing Correa hurts. But seeing Crawford stay at shortstop — where he belongs — is a pretty nice silver lining.

In other news, Logan Webb, who is quickly becoming a favorite among Giants fans, took an amazing Twitter shot at John Heyman, who is quickly becoming a least favorite among Giants fans.

Beautiful work, Webby.

Happy holidays, y’all.