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Friday BP: Somehow it keeps getting worse...

Just when you think there can’t be any more news that makes the Giants look terrible, there is.

Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans.

As of the time this is being written, there still hasn’t been much information from the San Francisco Giants organization about their side of disastrous end to the deal with Carlos Correa.

But boy, has Scott Boras had plenty to say.

Keeping with the theme of “every new thing is worse than the last thing” there were two new stories yesterday about just how ready Carlos Correa and his family were to join the Giants organization.

It was reported that after his physical, Correa felt confident that the deal was done. So much so that he and his family spent the afternoon house shopping in Lafayette.

Boras also added that Correa’s parents, brother, wife and parents-in-law were with him at the hotel as he was preparing for the ceremonies that would welcome him to his new team and community, only to watch it fall through and have the Giants be completely unresponsive.

The silence from the Giants in the wake of these reports does not help at all. Either they think they can just not say anything and ride out the storm of bad press, or they have nothing they can say in their defense because it’s all true. Neither is a good look.