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Wednesday BP: Hunter and Alexis Pence chip in to help Oracle Park worker injured in Muni attack

A long-time member of the Giants concessions team was injured in a despicable act of violence earlier this month. Hunter and Alexis Pence stepped in to do what they could to help.

Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans.

I am just as confused, disgruntled and befuddled about what is going on with the Carlos Correa situation as you are. This article was written at around 9:00 pm PT last night, and then I went to bed, but was somehow awake when the Correa news broke and am still trying to process it. I do believe the other members of the staff have addressed it though.

So, the story as planned then.

I thought I would highlight the good deeds of one of our favorite former San Francisco Giants players, Hunter Pence, and his wife Alexis.

Lisa, 79 (who has asked that her last name not be shared), was injured in a brutal attack on a Muni bus earlier this month. While on her way to Oracle Park, a man kicked her violently in the midsection as she swiped her card to enter the bus.

The search for the man who did it is still underway. This post from ABC 7 has footage of the attack that was shared by the SFPD in the hopes of apprehending him on charges of aggravated assault and elder abuse.

Lisa has worked for the Giants, Golden State Warriors and San Francisco 49ers for the last 30 years as part of the concessions crew and is a huge fan of all three teams, saying she looks forward to returning to Oracle Park next year for another season of Giants baseball.

Knowing this, Hunter and Alexis Pence opted to step in and do what they could to help, with Hunter recording a video message for Lisa, giving her some memorabilia as well, along with the couple organizing door-to-door transportation for her to be able to return to work with some peace of mind about her safety after what happened to her.

In the message, Pence says:

You’re such a heartbeat to the city and to the sports teams. So thank you for all your work and we’re looking forward to helping you get some safe transportation to and from work in the thank you so much we’re looking forward to sending you some gifts and all the best to you. Hope you stay strong!”

We wish Lisa a full recovery and safety when she returns to Oracle Park next season.