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Tuesday BP: Giants to face Mets on Sunday Night Baseball

The Giants are a popular team!

David Villar and Mike Yastrzemski prepare to embrace after a walk-off hit Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, San Francisco Giants fans. There are exactly 100 days left until Opening Night on March 30. The Giants play the New York Yankees on that day, where they’ll face Aaron Judge. Later in the series they’ll face Carlos Rodón. How lovely.

And then, a few weeks later, they’ll face the other team from the Big Apple, and they’ll do it on the biggest stage: Sunday Night Baseball.

The Giants haven’t been considered a marquee team in quite a while, despite that glorious 107-win season. But with the signing of a superstar in Carlos Correa — and some nifty moves around the margins — they’re at least in the conversation for teams that the general public might want to watch.

And so ESPN has announced that the April 23 game between the Giants and Mets, which takes place at Oracle Park, will be the fourth Sunday Night Baseball game of the season (the first three: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres vs. Atlanta Braves, and Rangers vs. Houston Astros).

If my math is correct, and if the two teams follow a standard five-starter rotation with normal rest, that would be the Giants No. 2 starter vs. the Mets’ No. 4. Or, in other words, it would be Alex Cobb vs. Not-Max-Scherzer-Or-Justin-Verlander.

Either way, it will be fun seeing the Giants on national TV, which hasn’t happened much lately.

In other Giants news, the Sean Manaea signing was officially announced on Monday. On a Zoom call with reporters, Manaea called it a “fairly easy decision” to join the Giants, and noted how excited he is at the amount of work he knows he has to do if he wants to tap into his potential.

He also praised Correa, which is nice to see. Manaea, then with the Oakland A’s, was one of the most vocal critics of Correa and the Astros after their cheating scandal.

Speaking of Correa, his signing will be made official today, and he’ll be introduced at Oracle Park, which is a rare move by the Giants. Keep your eye out for some fun quotes and videos from his presser, as well as for roster news ... the Giants DFA’d RHP Gregory Santos yesterday to clear room for Manaea, and they’ll have to move someone else off the 40-man roster to accomodate Correa.