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Friday BP: Watch as the Giants reflect back on Matt Cain’s perfect game 10 years later

Matt Cain, Bruce Bochy, Buster Posey, Gregor Blanco, and more reflect about the 10th anniversary of Matt Cain’s perfect game.

Good Morning, baseball fans!

It’s Friday, so you deserve a treat, and we’ve got one for you this morning! Last night, the San Francisco Giants YouTube channel debuted “The Untold Story: Matt Cain’s Perfect Game” in which Cain himself, Bruce Bochy, Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, Gregor Blanco and Dave Righetti reflect on that extremely special day and what they remember about it.

The tenth anniversary of the game was June 13th of this year, but with Cain officially getting on the Hall of Fame ballot recently, this feels like the perfect time to reminisce about what is most certainly his largest contribution to the sport overall, as he’s still one of just 23 pitchers in the entire history of the sport to throw one.

My personal favorite takeaway is that he didn’t even know until the game was over. He thought the whole time that he was going for a no-hitter, until Amy Guitierrez brought it up in the post-game interview. Bless him. As Posey jokes afterwards, “I don’t know that I’d admit that.”

Tidbits like that, discussions about things like the pressure of Brandon Crawford being brought in off the bench for the middle of a perfect game; the video of Chelsea Cain looking like she was going to be sick (with Ali Bumgarner and Nicole Vogelsong looking just as nervous); and other insights as the players and coaches re-watch key moments of the game are what make this so much fun to watch.

You realize just how much everything had to go right and how easily it could have gone wrong and it makes it even more special.

The video is just about a half hour long, a perfect companion to your morning coffee. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!