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Monday BP: Justin Turner is finally gone


Justin Turner sliding into home as Curt Casali tries to tag him Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Happy Monday, San Francisco Giants fans.

And a happy Monday it certainly is, because on Sunday it was reported that Justin Turner, the longtime third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is finally leaving the division. Turner, like Enrique Hernandez before him, is headed for the opposite side of the country, joining the Boston Red Sox on a two-year deal, where he will reportedly play first base and designated hitter. The Red Sox had a hole at designated hitter after it was announced the day before that J.D. Martinez was leaving them ... to sign with the Dodgers.

It’s just like a trade!

Anyway, this is happy news for Giants fans. Not that we’re in the business of making the Dodgers more likable, but it will be happy not having to face a player who seemed to annoy the Giants for every possible reason, from his facial hair choices to his timely hitting to his decision to take the field in celebration after the Dodgers won the World Series, while unmasked and knowingly having COVID.

But most importantly, it’s a win because Turner is a certified Giant killer. The 15 homers that Turner has hit against the Giants are the second-most that he’s hit against any team, and here’s his OPS against the Giants every year since joining the Dodgers:

2014: .803
2015: .951
2016: .740
2017: .844
2018: 1.013
2019: .839
2020: 1.182
2021: .623
2022: .866

Yep. It will be very good to see that guy gone.