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Wednesday BP: Never in doubt

We here at McCovey Chronicles never once doubted the ability of the San Francisco Giants front office to sign a big-name position player in free agency. Nope. Couldn’t be us.

Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

It is currently 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday night. Did I spend the last hour and a half writing an article about how the San Francisco Giants needed to stop collecting starting pitchers like they were the underwear gnomes from South Park and start actually putting together a plan to improve the offense and defense?

Ahahaha. Yes. Yes I did. It was good. A little funny. A fair bit annoyed. I was happy with it. It even had a funny permalink with an ancient internet joke that none of you will ever get to see.

Because of course, the second I scheduled that (ultimately forgettable) post and started getting ready for bed, the Carlos Correa news was announced.


The Giants signed a big name free agent position player to a long term contract for the first time in 30 years. Naturally, it was never in doubt. Nope. Not one of us here at McCovey Chronicles thought that we were doomed to a lifetime of having the rug pulled out from under us every time the Giants were in talks with someone.

Couldn’t be us.

/clears throat

Okay, so I may have even mentioned Correa at one point in the original post. After which....I miiiiight have stated how tired I was of hearing about how the Giants were rumored to be talking to various big names (such as Correa) only to continue to come in second place. I was even listening to the McCovey Chroncast earlier today, where Bryan and Doug mentioned that at a certain point, a serious team would manage to get it right at least once and get the deal done.

Well, for once in my life, I’m happy to be wrong. And...


happy to get out of bed I mean, kick off the morning celebrations with you all! Might have more to say about the details of the contract in the morning, once I’ve had time to process (and, you know, sleep).

But in the meantime, happy Wednesday! And welcome to the orange and black, Mr. Correa!