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Tuesday BP: Giants are still talking to Carlos Rodón, reportedly

I don’t believe it, but whatever.

Carlos Rodón reaching back to throw a pitch Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, San Francisco Giants fans.

On Sunday the Giants signed left-handed pitcher Sean Manaea to a two-year deal. On Monday I wrote about how the rotation was now set, and we could formally say goodbye to any chances of a reunion with Carlos Rodón.

But maybe that’s not the case?

According to Susan Slusser, the Giants beat reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, the Manaea signing does not take the Giants out of the running for Rodón, and they’re still talking to the lefty ace who just had the best regular season by a Giants starting pitcher since Tim Lincecum was taking home hardware.

To that I say, “suuuuuuuure.”

I do think the Giants are still pursuing Rodón, I just think they’re pursuing him in the sense that they’re hoping his market falls apart and they can swoop in with another high-AAV, short-term deal. If Rodón wants to run back last year’s contract — a two-year, $45 million deal with an opt-out — but tack on an addition $10 or even $20 million, I suspect the Giants would be all over it. Could even make it a three-year deal with an opt out after the second year.

But there’s a reason there was basically no noise about the Giants re-signing Rodón during the time where they had exclusive negotiating rights with him. And that reason is because Rodón was seeking a five-year deal, and then a six-year deal, and now, reportedly, a seven-year deal.

It is possible that the go against everything we know and chase Rodón to a large number of years, but it is highly, highly, highly unlikely. Even in this offseason where they were supposed to be huge spenders, the Giants have come across fairly cheap, and they avoid long-term contracts for pitchers the way I avoid milk that expired months ago.

The Giants already have seven pitchers they’re comfortable with starting for them next year, so they’re not hurting to add another starter, but players like Rodón don’t come around often. If they see a path towards signing him, they’ll move someone to the bullpen or trade someone. A full rotation won’t be a deterrent.

Still, there’s no reason to think the Giants have any shot at Rodón outside of a report that they’re still pursuing him. Insert joke about who I’m still pursuing here, and enjoy Sean Manaea.