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Chroncast #115: The Mitch Haniger Era Begins

In this offseason special, Bryan and Doug get into what’s in store for the Giants in a post-Aaron Judge pursuit world. Mitch Haniger helps, but how much?

San Francisco Giants v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Who knows how the San Francisco Giants offseason will wind up, but all Bryan and Doug can talk about is where it is now. Six weeks or so ago, so much hope. Now, no hope and no Aaron Judge. Or Brandon Nimmo. Or Kodai Senga. Who’s to blame (Bryan and Doug have a firm answer). And does it really matter whose fault it is? Yes and no.

Judge’s denial isn’t the first time the Giants missed out on somebody and it disappointed fans. Bryan and Doug recount missed opportunities of yore before getting into possible moves that might be on the horizon. This episode was recorded hours before news broke of the Giants signing LHP Sean Manea to a 2-year, $25 million deal, which you can read more about on McCovey Chronicles.

Does the signing move the needle for fans? What about moving the needle for next season? Doug posits that the Giants need to be active now if they have any hopes of making a play for Shohei Ohtani next season. Do you agree? Let us know.

And if you listen to the episode, you’ll hear Bryan misremember how the Jon Lester contract negotiations went down back in the 2014 offseason. Doug reads an excerpt from a New York Times article about the aftermath of the negotiations wherein the Giants “did not receive a rose.” Now, for your pleasure, here is a segment from a different article that stuck in Bryan’s mind all these years and colored the memory to the point that he thought Lester stated that the Giants’ blitz to sign him weirded him out — because this passage weirded Bryan out.

When Lester answered the door, at the head of the group was Buster Posey, the Giants’ franchise catcher, who had driven three hours from his home.

“Buster put his hand out and said, ‘Hi, Jon, I want to be your catcher for the next six years,’” said Larry Baer, the Giants’ chief executive, who was among the team’s contingent along with Manager Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean, the head of baseball operations.

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