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Friday BP: Black Friday deals for Giants fans!

Our good friends over at Breaking T have got Black Friday deals for all of the sports fans in your life!

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Good morning, baseball fans!

Hopefully everyone who celebrates had a great holiday. As we move towards the Christmas season, today is the day for deals, gift-buying and shameless promotions!

But there’s no shame in checking out these Black Friday sales from our good friends over at Breaking T! They’ve got sales from 20-90% off on various Bay Area sports apparel, from the San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers, and everything in between (and even non-Bay Area sports, if you’ve got weird people on your shopping list who root for other teams for some reason).

So you’re guaranteed to find something for everyone!

Yes, this is a shameless promotion post, but I’m stuffed full of holiday food, there wasn’t a lot of Giants news yesterday, and hopefully by posting about shopping, it prompts Aaron Judge to sign with the Giants before this posts so that I look dumb. So really, I’m doing everyone a public service here.

Have a great weekend!