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Weekend BP spillover thread: What does ‘really active’ mean?

Farhan Zaidi said something that will surely get the fanbase debating.

Farhan Zaidi wearing a mask and talking on the phone Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Happy weekend, San Francisco Giants fans. I hope you’re enjoying your first weekend without Giants baseball since the start of April. Perhaps you’ve been watching the 2022 MLB Playoffs. Or maybe getting lost in the drama of the Golden State Warriors.

Or maybe you were paying attention on Friday to Giants President of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi, when he met with the media for a final time this season.

Zaidi said a lot of things. I’ll write about them soon. But for now let’s talk about his public expectation that the team will be “really active.”

What does that mean, especially in light of the difficult and disappointing year they just had? Does it mean they’ll be big players for big names, such as re-signing Carlos Rodón and trying to convince Aaron Judge to come home? Does it mean that they abandon sentimentality and chase one of the big name shortstops on the market, regardless of still having Brandon Crawford?

Or does it mean doing what worked so well in 2021 — and also so poorly in 2022 — and chasing the margins, with more contracts for the Jakob Junises and Joc Pedersons of the world?

I truly have no idea. We’ll find out soon though. “Really active,” is encouraging, but then again, for a team that keeps setting records for amounts of players used, I can’t help but feel like the vagueness should temper my excitement.

I’m already ready for the playoffs to end. Bring on the free agents so I can celebrate or complain.