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Monday BP: And so begins the final week

Giants baseball: soon to be no longer in your life.

Mike Yastrzemski hugging David Villar after a walk-off hit Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants season is about to end. Tonight they begin a three-game series against the San Diego Padres — the series that was supposed to start the season, but got pushed to the back of the schedule due to the lockout.

After these three games end, then so does the season. That’s it. Donezo.

There are things to watch for still. One win puts the Giants at .500. Two wins gives them a winning record for the year. David Villar and Sean Hjelle will keep getting chances to earn a role on the 2023 team.

The end of the season brings happiness for many reasons. You no longer have to watch an aggravating and disappointing team. You’ll have a much more free schedule. You can take a deep breath before next year.

But it also brings sadness for many reasons. You no longer get Giants baseball on your screen. You no longer get to listen to Kruk and Kuip and Jon and Dave. You realize that you might be watching Carlos Rodón throw his final pitch as a Giant; Joc Pederson take his final hack as a Giant; Brandon Belt look Captain-like for the final time as a Giant.

It’s a lot of feelings. I’m feeling all of them.

Embrace it or mourn it, but Giants baseball is in its final week.

Until, you know ... all those weeks next year.

What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants play the Padres tonight at 6:40 p.m. PT.