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Monday/Tuesday BP: Predict the Giants biggest move

Will it be Aaron Judge, or will it be something much less?

Aaron Judge standing with his hands on his hips. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Happy Monday, San Francisco Giants fans.

Last offseason, fans hoped that the Giants would add to their 107-win season with a marquee free agent. For the most part, it didn’t come close to happening. They were never linked to the stars of free agency. Not a whisper tied the Giants to Carlos Correa, or Corey Seager, or Marcus Semien, or Max Scherzer. They weren’t even particularly tied to their own big free agents, Kris Bryant and Kevin Gausman.

Signing Carlos Rodón to a one-year deal was a massive move, but not the long-term home run that fans were hoping for.

Now, coming off an 81-season, there’s more reason to expect the Giants to make a big splash. They kind of need to.

And they’ve already been linked, in some form or fashion, to three of the biggest free agents hitting the market. Many experts and insiders expect Aaron Judge — a Northern California native who grew up rooting for the Giants — to choose between the Giants and New York Yankees. The team has been open about wanting to retain Rodón, whose Cy Young Award-esque season has him in line for a mega deal, and the ace has expressed a desire to stay. And there have even been rumors about the team preparing to go hard at Trea Turner, though the reports that he wants to move to the east coast suggest that he’s a longer shot than Judge or Rodón.

Perhaps the Giants sign one, or even two of that superstar trio. Perhaps they follow the path they made last year, and have their lone splash be a high-AAV, short-term deal for someone like Jacob deGrom. And perhaps they do nothing bigger than sign a 2-WAR player to a $6 million deal.

Make your predictions! What will the biggest move be?