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Chroncast #113: The 81-81 Season

Bryan and Doug wrap up a Giants’ season that has felt wrapped up for several months already, but there were still things to like and listener questions to dig into. 

Fan Controlled Football Season v2.0 - Week Six Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images

After a two and a half year hiatus, this podcast returned just in time for the San Francisco Giants to have what Bryan calls an “oatmeal season.” As bland as it was, Doug manages to point out some of the raisins for the raisin-lovers out there while Bryan calls into question why it even has to be oatmeal. And now to ditch this sweaty metaphor.

There were certainly things to like about the year and some of things beyond the record and defense to dislike — what would you add to Bryan and Doug’s list? Listener questions are asked and answered, too. What will the Giants do in free agency? What makes the most sense? What will be the most rational course of action in the marketplace? Has the league already caught up to the Giants’ creativity and cutting edge modeling or are they smart enough to remain just ahead of the curve?

Thank you to everyone who came back to listen to us after our lengthy hiatus!

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Vox continues their search for a transcription service they can use across the SB Nation podcast network. Hopefully, that will come sooner rather than later.

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