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Weekend BP: Your favorite Giants stats

We’ve all got them!

Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants - April 16, 2004 Photo by Jon Soohoo/Getty Images

Happy weekend, San Francisco Giants fans.

On Friday, writer Derek Thompson offered up a great prompt on Twitter: What’s the most incredible, statistical-outlier accomplishment in U.S. major sports history?

I felt it was a good time to remind the world as to absurd and unprecedented Barry Bonds was. I don’t think this is actually the biggest outlier of a statistic, but it’s certainly one that is high up there, and deserves a lot more attention.

Feel free to share what you think is the biggest statistical outlier in sports history, but I’m more interested in hearing what your favorite Giants stat is. What’s that one stat you think of every time you see a player? What’s the thing you mention at a holiday party when you’ve had four vodka cranberries and someone mentions they like baseball and your mind thinks, Oh yeah, I’ve got to tell them some neat factoid and then they’ll like me.

In unrelated Giants news, San Francisco hired Robert Riggins as a hitting coach for the Dominican Summer League, where they have two teams, Giants Orange and Giants Black. Riggins previously held the same position for the Lackawanna College baseball team.

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Have a lovely weekend!