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Yes, Chadwick Tromp played for the Giants this year

Believe me, it happened.

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

We’re almost to the end of our 2021 San Francisco Giants season reviews. But we have a few names left, including today’s topic: catcher Chadwick Tromp. Yes, the Chadwick Tromp.

2021 review

9 games, 18 plate appearances, .222/.222/.389, .611 OPS, 62 OPS+, 1 home run, -0.2 rWAR, -0.2 fWAR

Chadwick Tromp captured our hearts in 2020. Sure, he ended up hitting well below league average (72% as well by OPS+, and 65% as well by wRC+); and yeah, Duane Kuiper repeatedly pronounced his name as “Trump;” and OK, he didn’t offer the star power of Buster Posey, or the prospect shine of Joey Bart, or the veteran stability of not-yet-a-Giant Curt Casali.

But he captured our hearts nonetheless.

He helped fill in when Posey opted out of the pandemic season. He had timely hits and proved capable of receiving Johnny Cueto’s pitches when Bart struggled in his MLB debut. And he was cool.

And yet, it’s really, really, really easy to forget that he played on the Giants in 2021. So easy to forget that I gave him the triple-really treatment, with some italics thrown in as a bonus.

But play he did. And he played similarly to how he played in 2021, only this time Posey was back, Casali was in the fold, Bart was looking like a better prospect, and the Giants were fighting for a record-setting number of wins rather than .500. As such, his contributions felt less like an unlikely success story capturing our hearts, and more like a fourth-string catcher who didn’t have much to contribute on a 107-win team.

So the Giants designated him for assignment and sent him to the Atlanta Braves, as so many Giants stories end.

Role in 2022

Presumably playing for Atlanta, which I thought we established.

Grade: Thanks for the memories