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Wednesday BP: Never fear, Captain Belt shirts are here!

The Giants have been unstoppable since Brandon Belt declared himself the Captain last Friday. Now you can join the crew with these “Captain Belt” shirts from Breaking T!

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Good morning, baseball fans!

The Giants have won nine in a row for the first time since 2004. Nine games in which they’ve scored six runs or more. The last team to do that was the 2017 Houston Astros (though maybe that’s not the best team to be compared to, in some ways. There have been enough “cheating” conspiracy theories as it is.).

It’s been fun to watch and the team is clearly having a blast, after their celebration on Monday night. It was during that celebration that it occurred to me that the Giants are undefeated since appointing Brandon Belt as their captain. And you know what, Breaking T, (our favorite provider of timely, funny and all around great Giants meme-wear) agreed with me.

And in honor of our fearless leader, they’ve produced a shirt just for me the occasion! That’s right, now you, too, can join the Captain’s crew with these commemorative shirts with Belt’s signature electrical tape “C”! You can get these as t-shirts or hoodies.

Despite hamming it up, Belt really has been on fire lately. In last night’s post-game interview, Belt credited this to not trying to anticipate what pitch he’s going to get, and trying to focus on seeing the ball better instead.

And it is working for him. After missing all of July, Belt has roared back since his return in August, hitting 13 of his career-high 24 home runs since then. After being appointed captain (well, appointing himself) he hit a home run in three consecutive games, plus the RBI double last night. Though Belt added after the game that his son was probably going to be mad at him, since it was off of (former Giant) Mark Melancon, and his son is still friends with the Melancon kids.

Oh captain, my captain. Never change.

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What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants face the San Diego Padres again tonight at 6:45 p.m, PT.