Once ago in Fresno

Excerpts from Gallo’s 2012 Diary.

Dec. 27

Girlfriend issue needs to be resolved. Not unhappy with Bonita, but we’ve drifted apart. A few months ago we stopped assuming Saturday night privileges, but I still like being with her. Had some good years together. In a lot of ways she makes me better when we go out, which we haven’t for a while. Guess I’ll call to see if we’re on for New Years. The weight thing worries me. She still looks good most of the time, and we have that experience, but I can’t even get my arms around her any more. Seems slower to climax, but I guess that happens with veteran couples.

Aug. 2

Okay, last night at Ryan’s party I agreed to get back "together" with Bonita, which means Saturdays assumed and most Thursdays for a movie and occasional weekends out of town. Down with that. Talked in the kitchen for a while with Ryan’s friend from Florida, Dina. I like southern girls in general . . . they don’t try to be cool. Some of Ryan’s friends are full of themselves and she just doesn’t put up with it, in a funny way, not an obnoxious grrl pwr sort of way.

Feb. 1

Big gathering for après Super Bowl. Went with Bonita but couldn’t keep from chatting up Dina. Friends could tell. Couple of guys flat out told me to cut the leash. Don’t know if Dina can travel my circles though. This party was cool for everyone. White tee shirt, white tie, white thong. Dinner at Tomaso’s or drinks at Mikhael’s might test her native abilities. Their shit is thick. Bonita can hold with them. She drinks champagne right from the bottle, then she gets all statistical with them. The drinking is actually a problem.

March 15

Out with Bonita yesterday and she acts like we’re married or something. I hate it that I use her social network so much. We’re not even really an item, but she’s on my arm like a bosun’s tattoo. Ran into Dina again. She got a cool job assignment in Fresno, an uncool place. I think she audits or something. Will be there for a few months. Wonder if she’d let me visit. Yosemite is close.

April 30

It’s just not working with Bonita, but I can’t bring myself to hurt her. Had some nice tweets with Dina. Doing well in Fresno. Wants to come back to the city. Maybe next month.

June 8

Dina back but I haven’t made the split. I stay over at Bonita’s but she won’t block her calls, so I get messages I can’t explain. Don’t even try any more.

July 1

Dina’s stuff is in the guest room. The place smells great. I feel young-ish.

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