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Monday BP: Let’s revisit Will Smith’s first plate appearance

Because we could all use a palate cleanser after yesterday’s game, let’s revisit Will Smith’s legendary first plate appearance

Milwaukee Brewers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans! Rough weekend, outside of Saturday’s game. But there was one saving grace from Sunday’s game, Austin Slater got to pitch. And man, there are two things that I love in baseball more than anything else: position players pitching, and pitchers getting hits. Especially relievers.

And this weekend reminded me of one of my favorite hits from a relief pitcher, because the Giants faced their former closer, Will Smith. Back in August of 2019, Smith almost single handedly won a game against the Phillies, knocking in two insurance runs for the Giants in the eighth inning.

From my recap:

Smith worked his way into a 3-1 count before smacking a single into right field, and scoring both Pillar and Crawford. He laughed the entire way to first base. He laughed for Brandon Belt’s entire plate appearance, where he got his second walk of the game. I’m pretty sure Smith laughed for the entirety of the rest of the game.

Hopefully that gets your week started off on a little bit of a brighter note after yesterday’s clunker of a game.

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What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants are headed home to take on the Milwaukee Brewers in a four game series starting tonight at 6:45 p.m. PT.