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Giants once again take immediate advantage of the Mets taking out their starting pitcher

And it again resulted in a 3-2 lead.

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Remember yesterday’s game between the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets? Remember how the Giants jumped out to a lead thanks to a Kris Bryant home run, then gave up that lead, then promptly got it back after the Mets took out their dominant starting pitcher, then clung to a lead despite allowing the bases to lead, to escape with a 3-2 win?

Yeah, that game. That game that was also this game, albeit with less Metsing than on Wednesday.

Just like on Wednesday, the Giants jumped out to a lead thanks to a Bryant home run. This one, like all the other ones Bryant has hit since donning a Giants jersey, was gorgeous.

We’re going to see Bryant do that more times in a Giants jersey. It’s just a matter of whether “more times” is a single-digit number or a triple-digit number.

Personally I’m rooting for the latter.

Just like on Wednesday, the Giants gave up that lead, albeit this time it was ceding the tying run, not the go-ahead run.

Alex Wood was awesome. Really awesome, even. But in the sixth inning he experienced something that many Major League pitchers experience, which is Pete Alonso absolutely annihilating a pitch. Didn’t matter that it was an 0-2 slider that didn’t even hang much. Alonso bopped it a casual 447 feet and the game was tied.

Just like on Wednesday, the Mets starter dominated after Bryant’s homer. Carlos Carrasco went 7 innings, and gave up just 3 hits and no walks. The Giants never threatened, save for Bryant’s big fly. Carrasco had thrown only 78 pitches, though admittedly is working back from injury and maybe doesn’t have a ton of arm strength.

Just like on Wednesday, Luis Rojas took out his starter, and immediately paid the price.

Mike Yastrzemski led off the eighth with a single, Curt Casali was hit by a pitch, and Darin Ruf singled in the go-ahead run.

All before an out was recorded. Just like on Wednesday.

Just like on Wednesday, the Giants couldn’t capitalize with more runs. They loaded the bases with no outs and couldn’t score again, although they were not helped by one of the more egregious missed calls this season — and there are a lot of nominees — when a clear ball four in a 3-0 count was called a strike.

Pitch 4 was a “ball”

I am officially ready for robo umps.

Just like on Wednesday, the Giants loaded the bases, inviting the Mets to tie the game or take the lead. But just like on Wednesday, they worked their left-handed reliever magic, this time with José Álvarez entering and working an inning-ending groundout.

And just like on Wednesday, they won 3-2.

They swept the Mets, and now can hit 100 wins while having a losing record the rest of the way out.

Not that I advise that.