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Monday BP: The Giants like hitting pinch hit home runs

LaMonte Wade, Jr. and Donovan Solano added to the Giants’ growing list of pinch hit home runs this weekend, and set a record along the way.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Oakland Athletics D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, baseball fans!

Some fun notes for you this morning:

The Giants hit their 14th pinch hit home run in yesterday’s game, leading the league. But it gets better than that, it was apparently the first time in MLB history (since 1900) where a team hit a pinch hit home run to come from behind and take the lead in the eighth inning or later, with shots from LaMonte Wade, Jr. on Saturday and Donovan Solano on Sunday.

Additionally, all of the Giants’ runs in the Bay Bridge series came from home runs. (And I’m not at all bitter about recapping Friday night’s 4-1 loss in light of these facts.)

I digress.

It was also announced that the likely rotation for the Mets series would be Sammy Long, Johnny Cueto and Alex Wood. Cueto hasn’t pitched since August 8th, so it will be nice to see him back with the team.

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What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants have an off day today. And so do the Dodgers. And the Padres. And the Reds. So, not an exciting day in the NL playoff hunt all around. But you can watch the A’s take on the Mariners, who are hot on their heels in the race for an AL Wildcard spot.