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Monday BP: Hello again!

Time to party like it’s 2019 (only better? worse? Depends on your perspective.)

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning, McCoven!

Now there’s a sentence I didn’t think I would be writing again, but here we are! I hope you’re all doing okay, considering, * gestures vaguely at everything * you know.

For those of you who weren’t here a couple of years ago, I used to be the Deputy Site Manager here at McCovey Chronicles, from 2018 until basically around the time the pandemic hit.

So, what have I been up to? Well, I nearly died in a car accident, my entire family nearly died of Covid (please, please get vaccinated if you haven’t yet), I’ve gotten really into the Minecraft community, and we just bought a house. So, a mixed bag I guess. I honestly didn’t watch any baseball in 2020 because I was against the idea of a season happening at all in the midst of a literal global pandemic. And on an extremely petty and unserious note, considering that was the season the Dodgers won the World Series, was I wrong?

Let’s see, when last I put serious thought into this baseball team, we were just parting ways with Bruce Bochy and Madison Bumgarner. It was like a perfect moment of nostalgia, with all of the old players coming back to celebrate Bochy’s retirement, and Clayton Kershaw paying respect to Bumgarner’s likely departure.

And then, well, things have not been great! For anyone! I, for one, wouldn’t mind calling a mulligan and making it so the last 18 months never happened.

Except for one thing. Apparently the Giants are good now? That can’t be right. Let me just re-run the numbers...

* spit take *

They’re the best team in baseball?! Wow. Okay, then. This is a fresh, new experience for me. I can only hope they don’t immediately start being bad, because the superstition in me would then demand I resign. And I just got back, that’s a lot of paperwork...probably best for everyone that they just keep winning.

Anyway, I’m going to be back in a contributing role, mostly providing BPs and Game Threads during the week, and a weekend recap. Which is fun, because those were always my favorite, even when they tortured me. I’ve missed them. And most of all, I’ve missed you all.

I’ll be trying to more or less follow Brady’s format for these going forward, but this had to be prewritten on Friday, due to the fact that I’m currently in the middle of packing. So I can’t really get into any of the spicy trades or weekend news, because I’m not yet omniscient. Working on it, though.

(Edit: Future Sami here, just stopping to drop off this huge box of Kris Bryant shirseys for everyone.)

In the meantime, I know Brady usually closes with the game information, so tonight’s game is at 6:40pm against the Diamondbacks in Arizona.