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Friday BP: Other baseball movies MLB should do gimmick games for

If you enjoyed the Field of Dreams game, then we’ve got just the thing for you!

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Good Morning, baseball fans!

So this isn’t technically going to be about the Giants, but considering they basically took batting practice against the Rockies last night, I’m not sure how much more content you need about that game. Other than this:

No, today we’ll be talking about the Field of Dreams game that took place in Iowa yesterday. Sort of. I didn’t watch it because it felt too gimmick-y for me, also the irony/cruelty of the fact that people in Iowa couldn’t even watch a game being played in Iowa was not lost on me.

Instead, let’s hop all the way onboard the gimmick-y bandwagon and talk about how MLB could incorporate other beloved baseball classics into gimmick games.

  1. I’m thinking a Sandlot themed game played in a small neighborhood lot with a giant, ornery dog lurking just on the other side of the fence might be fun. But getting a crowd in there might be a bit difficult. Also, you know, the dog might eat the relief pitchers and that’s not ideal.
  2. Rookie of the Year night: Tim Lincecum comes back to pitch one last time. Because he looks just like that kid. And I miss him. That’s it. That’s the whole premise. I realize that this one is probably not going to be a hit to the broader baseball community, but I’d watch the heck out of it.
  3. An Angels in the Outfield series of games might be fun, where Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani get to play with various good teams, just to find out what it’s like.
  4. Now, an homage to Twilight’s notoriously bad baseball scene with a baseball game played during a thunderstorm in the Pacific Northwest is probably not the best idea. But I might watch it if they showered the players in glitter and hooked them up to bungee cords to really buy into the theme.
  5. But, I think the winner is an A League of Their Own game, where the best softball and female baseball players in the country get to play in primetime on a Major League Baseball field, with a full crowd. All while being yelled at by Tom Hanks. I mean, Hanks would be all in on that, you just know it.

What would you like to see MLB embrace for their next expensive movie tie-in game?

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What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants and Rockies play game two of this four game series tonight at 6:45 p.m. PT.