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The Giants have entered the Trevor Story sweepstakes

Well this is getting interesting.

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It’s been since the failed pursuit of then free agent Bryce Harper that the San Francisco Giants have been linked to a big name acquisition. But with the team shockingly finding itself atop the National League as Friday’s trade deadline approaches, they’re being linked to seemingly every top player on the trade market.

First the Giants were linked to Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer. Then they were reported to be interested in 2016 MVP Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs.

And now the Giants are looking within the division, at another All-Star: Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story. MLB Network’s Jon Morosi reported that the Giants are interested in Story, and stressed that the team would love to add Story or Bryant.

Story will reach free agency at the end of the year, so he would be a rental, though the Giants would be in prime position to sign the 28 year old to an extension.

And while Story plays a position where the Giants already have an All-Star, it’s reasonable to think he could play second base, the outfield, and possibly even third base. He would certainly be an upgrade at many positions.

What gets interesting is with the return the Rockies would seek. Colorado is a notoriously frugal organization, and the Giants are hesitant to part with top prospects; in a weird way, that could make them perfect dance partners.

Last offseason the Rockies traded Nolan Arenado — one of the best players in the game — plus more than $50 million to the St. Louis Cardinals for a handful of mediocre prospects. The primary thing the Rockies were getting out of the trade was not having to pay Arenado, who, again, is one of baseball’s brightest stars.

That can’t be the case with Story, who is only owed a prorated $18.5 million. But it very well could be that the Rockies would rather the Giants take on one of their other contracts than send back a top prospect, and that would be good news for San Francisco.

It may be that the Giants stand pat at the deadline. But this is exciting, at the very least.