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Giants waste every possible opportunity, do not beat LA

The Giants went 0-13 with runners in scoring position which, it turns out, is not very good.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers
Yes, this is how I feel as well.
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco Giants had their opportunities to Beat LA. Believe you me, they had their opportunities. They damn near had their opportunities every single inning, and they failed to capitalize on them.

I was going to highlight one or two of their missed opportunities, but it’s Monday night. It’s Monday night and the Giants just lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s Monday night and the Giants just lost to the Dodgers and there are still four more days until Friday night.

This is no time for the truncated version. No one is ordering the abridged edition. Monday nights, when the weekend is beyond the horizon and your mouth is full with the acrid taste of Dodger victories and Trevor Bauer gesticulating towards the crowd like the unpopular guy in a band walking off stage thinking he’s the most popular, is a time to look in the mirror, point out everything you hate, and sit with it.

So let’s go through all the missed opportunities.

Inning by freaking inning.

First inning

LaMonte Wade Jr. led off the game with a bullet of a shift-beating single. He never advanced to second base.

Second inning

Wilmer Flores singled with one out. Get used to sentiments like this, and the ensuing disappointment, because Flores had four hits and didn’t score.

He moved to second when Donovan Solano drew a two-out walk. The Giants did not score, though we forgive them for failing to convert in a two-on, two-out situation with the pitcher at bat.

Third inning

Buster Posey had a one-out double. It was a beautiful swing, though he didn’t look incredibly comfortable running. Luckily for him he wasn’t asked to do any more of it after that double, as he was stranded on second.

Fourth inning

After a one-out single did him no favors, Flores opted for a no-out single. He moved to second on a one-out single by Solano. They both moved over on a bunt by Anthony DeSclafani. They both walked back to the dugout when Wade struck out.

Fifth inning

The Giants came up to bat in the fifth inning, so technically it was a wasted opportunity even though they never put anyone on base.

Sixth inning

Flores had a double with no outs, and it bounced high off the wall. It was very close to a home run, which would have tied the game. No worry, you thought, unless you were smart, in which case you thought, “mega worry.” There was a runner in scoring position with zero outs. They’d be fine.

He never even made it to third base.

Seventh inning

Wade was hit by a pitch to start the inning. He took second on a one-out single by Posey. You’ve seen this film. You know the ending. He never made it to third.

Eighth inning

At this point it was comical. Dark humor.

You didn’t get excited when Flores had a leadoff single. You didn’t even smile when Steven Duggar walked to put Flores in scoring position with no outs. You rolled your eyes at the overplayed setup when Solano grounded out, moving Flores to third and Duggar to second with one out.

You sat stoically as they did not score.

Ninth inning

Mike Tauchman led off the inning with a single that Cody Bellinger doinked, thus allowing Tauchman to try for second. The only issue was that Bellinger made a perfect throw, Tauchman had to do his best Neo impression to avoid the tag, and he briefly came off the bag in the process, where he got tagged out.

No one else would do anything and the game was over.

The Giants went 0-13 with runners in scoring position. They put a body on the basepaths with no outs in six different innings, and never brought that runner home.

They had every possible opportunity, and they threw each one out the window. But if you squint hard enough through that really expensive telescope you drunkenly bought one night during your 20 minute astronomy phase, you can at least see that the Giants had some opportunities, which is more than we once would have expected.

Here are some good things that happened in the Giants 3-2 loss to the Dodgers:

Wade hit a home run:

And Crawford hit a home run, though I think we need a better name than “home run” for when it’s this impressive:

Here are some bad things that happened during the Giants 3-2 loss to the Dodgers:

  • The Dodgers hit three home runs, including from their first two batters of the game.
  • Max Muncy hit a home run. He now has 6 home runs in 30 plate appearances against the Giants this season, vs. 10 home runs in 239 plate appearances against everyone else.
  • Anthony DeSclafani gave up 3 runs. He’s now given up 15 earned runs in 12.1 innings against the Dodgers this season. He’s given up 15 earned runs in 80.1 innings against everyone else.

Here’s an Ángel Hernández thing that happened during the Giants 3-2 loss to the Dodgers:

oh no baby what is you doing

That yellow “4” is a called strike three.

Here is an encouraging thing that happened during the Giants 3-2 loss to the Dodgers:

  • It was confirmed that they play again on Tuesday.